Faux flower advice

For wedding flowers order as far in advance as you are able to.  Email me with as many details and ideas as you are able and a link to a pinterest board if you have one.  Then I can get a really good idea of the type of wedding flowers you will be looking for.

Its a great idea to let me know if you have a budget in mind as this helps me to correlate my design ideas with your plans.

To order gifts, funeral items or decor simply email or message me and we can discuss your design.

To keep your faux flowers looking their best.  Place flowers away from very strong sunlight as this can cause fading.

To properly clean artificial flowers, simply use a feather duster, compressed air, or a hairdryer on a cool setting. .

Always buy the best quality you can afford,  they will look more realistic and last longer.

To store you flowers keep in any original packaging and protect from from dust or strong odors.